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We are pleased to announce that Polylink’s sponsored Asian Tour Development player, Brian Locke, had won the PGM-MIDF-KLGCC Masters with a sensational final round of five-under-par 66 to win by six shots


Polylink Global was pleased to meet with our suppliers, trade partners, and customers at the 2012 ISRI Convention, and look forward to servicing same for the remainder of the year.

Latest Pricing Trend

Selenium -4.0%
Al Alloy LME:AM -0.8%
Natural Gas -0.7%
Copper, refiners no2 -0.36%
Antimony -0.17%
Silver 1.59%
Nickel 2.16%
Rail crops 2-ft 4.21%
Heavy breakable 6.35%
Machine shop turns 10.81%

Last updated 04/04/2014

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